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Where's The Happy Hour Where You Live?

Hey Tell Me More listeners, do you have a recommendation for a good Happy Hour? Where do you go to unwind after a long work week? I rarely go to the little gimmicky bar and restaurant, faux networking events. I don't drink.

On Friday nights, I like to curl up on my pink sofa and read. (I'm trying to get through The RZA's new book titled: "The Tao of Wu". Michel talked with him on Monday's show. If you haven't heard the interview - CHECK IT OUT, please.) Or, I like dancing wildly around my apartment. I'm listening to new CDs: Meshell Ndegeocello's "Devil's Halo" and Mayer Hawthorne's "A Strange Arrangement." You'll be able to hear those performance chats on Tell Me More within the next two weeks.

But, tonight, I'm in the mood for one of those Happy Hour miniature meals. You know a plate piled high with chicken wing-lets ... quesadillas ... tiny cheeseburgers ... cheese sticks ... nachos. Hey what about tapas? My mouth is watering.

I can't wait for the end of my work day.

But, there's more work to do. We are planning next week's show. Here's what we've got on tap:

What is going on in Pakistan? Its government is under intense pressure to rid the country of Islamist militant groups that have found shelter in its northwest region. In the month of October, reports estimate that more than 200 people have died in a surge of militant attacks. We'll talk with Shuja Nawaz, a Pakistani journalist and author of the book, "Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within." Nuwaz is in Brussels briefing NATO on Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Plus, we'll talk with some folks in Pakistan who are working, attending school, planning their families futures with violence happening all around them. That's on Monday's show.

Have a great weekend!