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Hope, Despair And Everything In Between

Hope you had a good weekend. We are back and we are, like most reporters and news editors in the US, trying to balance the steady stream of seriously important news while looking ahead to the upcoming festivities. Turkey Day is upon us, the winter holidays approach, we want to embrace it ALL.

I don't know about you but I think it's especially important in times of hardship to celebrate where and when one can. It's important to remember there is always hope. This is not meant to be a political statement. The left-of-center writer Barbara Ehrenreich, often found in The Nation and the New York Times opeds has a new book out where she decries the positive thinking culture. She says it's a dodge to keep us from focusing on the political changes she feels we actually need to fix the circumstances that cause so many problems to begin with. I could argue there's a theological dispute behind some of that too. Some focus on personal salvation and others on social change and there's sometimes a conflict between those who emphasize one or the other. Anyway ...

Back to hope. We are still working through our Thanksgiving programming and if you have ideas we'd love to hear them. In the past we've talked about GRATITUDE. What does it mean?

And we are following the President's trip to Asia. We are also keeping up with the education issues that we care so much about as students head home for their first break of the school year.

We're thinking about a new book about the genocide in Rwanda and honor killings in Jordan. And we're thinking about how to have healthier holidays as so many struggle with diet and weight issues. It's the totality of human life and we care about all of it. Stay tuned ...