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'S' Is For 'Sesame Street'

"Sesame Street" provided the soundtrack of my childhood. I watched the show every day. As a latchkey kid, I kept myself company by singing aloud in front of the television set.

And I still can't help smiling when I think of "The Beetles" singing "Letter B":

The other day I found myself singing "C is for Cookie" aloud with my daughter. She laughed very hard.

But, my all-time "Sesame Street" favorite is "Manamana." Think twice before you hit play because the song is so infectious it'll be resonating in your head for the next week.

"Sesame Street" has also excelled at getting popular musicians to do kiddie covers of their own songs.

Here's Leslie Feist doing a charming version of her song "1234":

Norah Jones performed an instructive cover of "Don't Know Why" that somehow preserves the saudade of the original.

Classical music has also been a constant presence; much of it as part of the "Pretty Great Performances" series. Below are James Galway and Maria:

The weirdest example of classical music on Sesame Street is probably the orange in the video below singing an aria from Bizet's "Carmen."

Yo-Yo Ma is a repeat guest on the show.

And then there are the cases where musicians performed covers of Sesame Street songs, such as Ray Charles performing "Being Green"

Happy 40th Birthday, "Sesame Street."

Enjoy and share your favorites.