NPR logo Five Reasons To Tune In Next Week

Five Reasons To Tune In Next Week

1. Why is the H1N1 virus taking a deeper toll on Native American communities? Dr. John Redd from the Indian Health Service explains. That's coming up Monday.

2. As a recent Chinese immigrant in the United States, how do you reconcile your cultural heritage with your dreams and expectations in America? Also on Monday, Guest Host Jacki Lyden talks to author Ha Jin, who writes about the Chinese immigrant experience. His new book is 'A Good Fall.'

3.Can you buy diamonds and gold without breaking the bank ... and your conscience? Buying ethically sound jewelry. The latest in our Conscientious Shopping Series on Tuesday.

4. Is it possible to create a sculpture in the eye of a needle? We'll hear from micro sculptor Willard Wigan. On Wednesday, the British artist explains how he works in between his own heartbeats to create his tiny masterpieces.

5. And in case you've got a hankering for some Junior Mints, we'll give you a few excuses to hit the theater. Movie Critic Wesley Morris says skip the Musical and go for the Avatar. That's Friday, Christmas Day.

All of this - and so much more - is coming up next week. Tune in. And let us know what's on your mind.