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On Monday: Get Mortified

Come Monday, we air an excruciating interview. Excruciating, not because it involves any actual tooth-pulling, but because it involves the belated baring of a young girl's soul. We'll hear from Sarah Wildman. She is a D.C.-area reporter who has a piece titled "Drama Tween" coming out in this Sunday's Washington Post Magazine.

The story is about "Get Mortified,"' a seven year-old theater project that gathers "the artifacts of adolescent expres??sion" and brings them to the stage in a performance where the actors are the protagonists of their own stories and where the weightiest fears of our adolescence are aired as comic relief."

Ms. Wildman read from her childhood diary in a Washington, D.C. production of "Get Mortified" and writes about it in rather charming fashion.

: 'I ask him if he's had much experi??ence,' I tell the room, reading from my diary about the 14-year-old boy I had just started dating. 'Enough,' he says. Guffaws from my 300 new best friends. I was riding high; I didn't want it to end. I wanted people to like it, to like me, to like the person I was, the person I became. And there, onstage, I under??stood: This crowd was on my side, after all. People come to 'Mortified' to be your champion, to applaud the courage of go??ing up there to read, to applaud the per??son who was trying to figure things out.

We'll post the link to the Wildman's article once it's published and, come Monday, hear host Michel Martin chat with Sarah Wildman. You'll laugh and maybe cringe a little, too.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend.