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Haiti On Our Minds

I apologize for not acknowledging the tragedy yesterday in the blog. It occurred to me later that —even though we led yesterday's program with the story and needless to say are following events closely— there today and will continue to do so. I SHOULD have talked about it in the blog yesterday, just to be sure those of you who follow the program through the blog a) would know that we are on top of things, that we are actively following both network coverage and adding our own elements and b) that we care. We are, and we do, very much.

Yesterday, we featured an interview with Haiti's Ambassador to the US Raymond Joseph. We also spoke with the regional director of Catholic Relief Services, Bill Canny. Canny, who - as we spoke - was making arrangements to travel to Haiti.

Today we covered the aftermath of the earthquake and the ongoing relief efforts with a range of guests. We heard from Haitian American radio host Ralph Ceriza, who is fielding worried calls from listeners in southern Florida; United States Delegate Donna Christensen (D-VI), who is also a family physician and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, which has been at forefront of pressing for aid to Haiti. We spoke with Eduardo Gamarra, a professor of political science at Florida International University, to get a history lesson about Haiti. Also joining us... Nicole Lee, Executive Director of Transafrica, which lobbies on behalf of Africa and the Caribbean, and Haitian American writer Joel Dreyfuss, who is the Managing Editor of the on line publication The Root. He wrote a piece about how he would like us to think about Haiti ...going forward.

Most important, along with doing our job - which is ensure that the issues are thoroughly aired and we know all that is possible to know about the situation - please know that our hearts go out to the people who are suffering directly, those who have lost loved ones, and those who are suffering from afar, grieving in their helplessness. You are in our thoughts, and to those of you for whom this is a comfort, our prayers.

We want to know about you. If you have family, friends and co-workers there ... How are they? Can you reach them? And what are they telling you? Reach us here on or on Facebook or any other way you see fit.