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Inspired To Start A 'Year Of Wellness'

Bertice Berry's story of losing close to 150 pounds without a diet struck a chord with me. One thing she said fascinated me: "Everybody's goal weight is exactly where they were when they first thought they were fat." I can remember feeling fat after my weight went from 90 pounds to 95, and then again when it rose above 100 pounds, right after I finished college. And then, about five years later, it crept up to about 110. That was enough for me. I got serious about exercise and fought back to about 105. For me, those five pounds became the line between success and failure.

Motherhood, of course, changed my perspective about a measly five pounds. I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy, and three years later, I'm still trying to lose about 10 or 15 pounds of baby weight. "Try" is probably the wrong word. I'm making tiny changes in my diet, occasionally taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and hoping for the best. 

But I think I've been inspired to start my own "year to wellness." Particularly since my son was born, most of my stress relief involves chocolate. But I'm slowly trying to commit myself to being healthier. And that means finding ways of relaxing and rewarding myself that aren't high fat, high calorie and high sugar.

But you? Do you have a story of success or struggle in bringing yourself to health? What was your "aha" moment? I can't wait to hear you tell us more.