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'On and On' About Erykah Badu

The debate over Erykah Badu's video for her new song "Window Seat" continues (read our take on this here and here). I was at the hairdresser getting the locks tightened up for Easter and I made the mistake of asking "so what did you think of Erykah's new video?"


The hair gel practially went flying after that.

One woman said, "Whatever Erykah does is fine with me, I am her biggest fan. So there."

Another woman said, "If she wants to get nekkid that's fine with me, but what right does she have to put [values] in my face? Or rather, in front of my kids' faces? She knew there were kids there."

Another woman asked, "What's wrong with being nekkid? They show blood and guts on TV all day long and people getting killed and who gets upset?"

A man in the shop, whose fabulous shoulder length locks were taking a long time to dry, seemed to be debating whether he should get in it at all. In the end, he opted to listen.

It was a good time.

Happy Easter, Happy Pesach to those who observe and a good weekend to all.