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Behind the Curtain at TMM

Happy Birthday To Us!

Tell Me More turns 3-years-old!

Did we mention that we had a birthday last week?

Tell Me More is officially three. And you know how toddlers are — full of life, kind of cranky sometimes. They've got their walking and talking down and now they must learn to RUN (which is kind of where we are).

Many of our initial goals have been met. We wanted to create a safe place for difficult conversations, a diverse space where people of different backgrounds meet, and don't necessarily agree or even agree to disagree, but rather tell the truth as they see it; a place that doesn't leave anybody out; a place for both the movers and the shakers and the shaken and moved.

We'll admit that sometimes the mix isn't exactly "right" (whatever that means). Sometimes we are a little too safe, sometimes a little too difficult, sometimes too many movers and shakers and sometimes, well, you get the point.

But the critical piece is that we're still at it, still a work in progress. And now it's time to take what we've learned and move to the next level.

As always, we welcome your feedback, and we appreciate the way our listeners talk to each other. There's still a bit more venting and ranting than I wish were the case, especially on matters involving race. I wonder why sarcasm seems to be the style of choice for some of our listeners; the more sensitive the topic the more some people seem to just want to throw spitballs (as similarly described by CBS News anchor Katie Couric of her viewers). I find it … curious. But sarcastic is a step up from hateful, so I thank you for that and as always I appreciate the thoughtful critics AND supporters who give us something to think about and extend our coverage in ways we would not have considered without your help.

In the meantime, I'd like to let you know about some personal milestones.

In the three years we have been on the air, we have:

  • Taken out three mortgages
  • Celebrated two marriages (we’re anticipating a third, and anticipating a 10th anniversary shortly)
  • Welcomed two babies and are eagerly awaiting a third
  • Published our first book! (Our own director Rob Sachs has just published a book based on his podcast What Would Rob Do? Well, what WOULD Rob do?'ll have to tune in to our interview later this week to find out)

Until then, onward and upward!