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Robyn Makes Touring (And Everything Else About The Music Industry) Seem Fun

A lot of the Swedish singer Robyn's charm comes from the fact that, even though she has real pop star moves, she comes off as an actual human being (see: relatable lyrics about love and lust and frustration and desperation, crooked tooth, ability to make non-sexual eye contact with the camera, clothes that normal people would wear). In her second act, the one-time teen star has swerved toward a funnier, less obviously constructed persona. She's the anti-Lady Gaga.

Her brand new video, for "Hang With Me," the first single from the forthcoming album Body Talk Pt. 2, is like four or five cardboard boxes full of evidence in support of that proposition, crammed into three and a half minutes. It's a tour diary, with images of the singer hanging out in the bus with her band, getting into makeup, soundchecking, submitting to interviews, performing an in-store, posing for camera-phone photos, signing autographs, riding a roller coaster, eating breakfast at a restaurant in England, packing, performing to adoring audiences ... basically everything you might do if you were a touring pop star. It's packed with tiny details, none of which — no matter how pedestrian — suggest that any of it might be a drag. Check out her face at the end of the clip. That's contentment. What a weird, awesome image for a pop star to sell. I'll buy it.