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In Other News: This Was The Week Kanye West Joined Twitter

Kanye West's Official Twitter

-If you felt a gust of wind on Wednesday afternoon, it was likely kicked up by the music writers of the world, doing a collective double take as they realized that Kanye West wasn't already on Twitter. The rapper joined the social media site after visiting its headquarters on Wednesday and performing new material for its employees (he made a similar visit to the Facebook headquarters on Tuesday). The internet immediately went crazy. As of this writing, West has 310,571 followers. How many of those people is he following? Yep, zero. []

-On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres announced that she wasn't going to stick around for a second season as a judge of American Idol. Reports on Friday — unconfirmed at this time — suggested that Jennifer Lopez may take her seat at the judges' table. As clearer heads have noted, we'll probably find out what's actually going to happen on Idol when Fox has its press day on Monday. [Vulture]

-Arcade Fire announced that the webcast of their August 5th concert at Madison Square Garden will be directed by Terry Gilliam [AP]

-Melvin Bliss, the singer of "Synthetic Substitution," one of the most frequently sampled songs of all time, passed away on Monday. Check out this tribute, where you can hear the original song alongside a few of the many that sampled it. [Sound of the City]

-The death toll following last weekend's Love Parade tragedy in Duisburg, Germany rose to 21 on Wednesday when a 25 year old woman died from her injuries. [Billboard]

-The lineup for the Beer & Whiskey Festival might not include many bands you've heard of — Mr. Brownstone, Running With Desire and Nimrod are on the list — but the music at the fest will sound familiar because all five acts on the bill are cover bands (the acts they cover — respectively and, yeah, probably respectfully — would be Guns N' Roses, Van Halen and Green Day). Def Leppard cover band Hysteria and Police tribute act Invisible Sun aka Sun Domingo round out the action. Beer & Whiskey will be held in Atlanta on September 5, with proceeds to go to the Nature Conservancy Gulf Coast Relief Fund. [ConcertWire]