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'Whip My Hair' And Sesame Street Song Rare Moments Of Positivity In Viral Video

The nine-year old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is already famous in her own right. Her song "Whip My Hair" hit urban and pop radio last month and now it's on like every ten minutes. She's already being called "Baby Rihanna", but she's still completely untarnished by gossip, history or haters.

So untarnished in fact, that, since her video for the song was released on Monday, it's become a talker for women all over the country — and especially women of color.


Veronica Miller, who works on NPR's show Tell Me More, wrote a really nice piece about why that is. She says Smith "is operating with a sort of empowerment that grown women can sense, admire, and in some cases, envy." Miller also wrote about the "I Love My Hair" clip from Sesame Street that went viral this week, saying the one-two punch of a song celebrating black women's hair and a video showing an exuberant little girl still sassy enough to dance around like crazy add up to one surprisingly kind, helpful moment on the internet.

They also add up to one inevitable mashup.




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