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An Interruption About Kate Bush

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Kate Bush, c. 1978.

Evening Standard/Getty Images

Hi. I'm Patrick. I come from NPR Music's A Blog Supreme, where I write about jazz and its discontents. I'm here to announce that I've stolen Ann Powers away from you.

Don't worry, it's only for one post. See, this album came out today where a jazz singer took on the songs of Kate Bush. It's called, intuitively, Hello Earth! The Music of Kate Bush. I actually quite enjoy it, in a way that left me with a bunch of questions. I was wondering if Ann could answer them, so I wrote to her — dedicated Record readers know that Ann is a big Kate fan.

Anyhow, here is our e-mail exchange. The singer's name is Theo Bleckmann, and in my humble opinion, you oughta know about him too. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Also, here is a photograph of Kate Bush on a lion-skin rug.

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