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Project Nourished's virtual eating gizmos. From left: An atomizer that releases the scents of a food; a virtual reality headset; a a device that mimics the chewing sounds transmitted from a diner's mouth to their ear drums; a cocktail glass with built-in sensors; a utensil that picks up on the diner's movements and integrates them into the virtual reality experience; and a 3-D printed food cube. Courtesy of Project Nourished hide caption

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The Big Bite Burger from Guy's American Kitchen and Bar in New York's Times Square. In 2012, New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells penned an infamous takedown of the restaurant. Krista/Flickr hide caption

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Matthew Secich's wife, Crystal, behind the sausage counter at the deli they opened in Unity, Maine. Jennifer Mitchell/MPBN hide caption

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Alton Brown and "Unitasker" kitchen gadgets via YouTube hide caption

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A blogger recently accused Mast Brothers of using industrial chocolate in their bars when it first started, contradicting the chocolate company's bean-to-bar narrative. Andrew Burton/Getty Images hide caption

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There are so many opportunities to screw up pumpkin pie. But done right, it can win friends and influence people. Meredith Rizzo/NPR hide caption

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Author Joan Morgan says Beurré Superfin is one of her favorite pears. It's "truly delicious: very buttery, juicy, cream to pale yellow flesh, intensely rich with plenty of sugar lemony acidity," she writes in The Book of Pears. Courtesy of Joan Morgan hide caption

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The next time a cooking disaster strikes, remember: It happens to the best of us. Piotr Tomicki/iStockphoto hide caption

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America's Test Kitchen founder Chris Kimball offers advice for going "beyond the cranberry mold" this Thanksgiving. Taji Marie for NPR hide caption

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Preeti Mistry's biriyani-stuffed pumpkin. Courtesy of Preeti Mistry hide caption

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Stephanie Deutsch's mother hailed from Long Island where she grew up eating oyster stuffing. Her father was from Texas and loved this cornbread stuffing, which the family continues to make. Courtesy of David S. Deutsch hide caption

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Nordic items clockwise from top left: sugared cloudberries; Norwegian thick salt-pork pancakes, waffles; thick oven-baked pancake; blood pancakes; pancake torte. Erik Olsson hide caption

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Ancient grains in the mix: Cooking Light's Shaved Apple and Fennel Salad with Crunch Spelt prepared by Dunn and Patton. Courtesy of hide caption

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Kenji Lopez-Alt is managing culinary director of Serious Eats, author of the James Beard Award-nominated column "The Food Lab," and a columnist for Cooking Light. His first book is The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science. Robin Lubbock/WBUR hide caption

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