NPR logo Billy Mays' Heart Likely Killed Him: Medical Examiner

Billy Mays' Heart Likely Killed Him: Medical Examiner

Billy Mays, the high-octane television pitchman, best known for exclaiming "But there's more..." in selling OxiClean and a host of other products, most likely died from heart disease, according to a Florida medical examiner.

Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Vernard Adams said that while the toxicology results won't be in for weeks, the post-mortem examination showed that Mays had an enlarged heart, a sign of a heart damaged by cardiovascular disease, and that the damage was consistent with the sudden death Mays experienced.

Adams added there were no signs of head trauma. The lack of any such signs was a significant finding since there was speculation that Mays' death could''ve resulted from him striking his head during a rough airplane landing the day before.



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