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Bob Bogle Of 'The Ventures' Dead At 75

Anyone of a certain age remembers the music of The Ventures, the seminal instrumental group whose sound defined a certain 1960s surfer groove.

You may not have known it was The Ventures you were listening to, but you'll recognize their sound which seemed to be everywhere because of hits like "Walk, Don't Run" and the theme from "Hawaii Five-0," the popular cop show starring Jack Lord.

The man responsible for much of the group's success, co-founder, composer and lead and bass guitarist Bob Bogle, died Sunday at 75.

The Ventures were not only the best-selling instrumental band of all time but their approach to the guitar had a huge influence on many other important musicians. says the group "served as a prototype for guitar-based rock groups." Many famous guitarists acknowledged the group's influence on their playing.

So instead of a moment of silence, take a moment to listen to some of Bogle's contributions to American music and culture. Some of us of a certain age can't get them out of heads.