NPR logo One Iranian Mom: 'Wet Wood And Dry Wood Burn Together'


One Iranian Mom: 'Wet Wood And Dry Wood Burn Together'

More observations from inside Iran, this time from a mother in Tehran:

Question: What is happening?

Answer: "People say these things are going to continue for 3-4 months, (but) nobody knows what will be the outcome. If the demonstrations continue, the government would be forced to do something. ...

"(Reformist presidential candidate Mir Hossein) Mousavi has ordered quiet and peaceful demonstrations, but some youngsters who are hotheads are burning things and breaking windows of stores and stealing things and breaking windows of banks. ... So the police are trying to protect things.

"But tar va khoshk ba ham misoozand. (When there is a fire, the wet wood and dry wood burn together.)"

Question: "Has your daily routine changed?"

Answer: "We go out and buy food, nothing is happening during the day, but at nights, it is noisy and crowded. Vali Asr square is the old Valiahd square, where Radio City Cinema used to be, that is where people gather. ... Today, pro-Mousavi people did not go as per his orders. People want change to be brought in a civilized way, not by force — and if they continue peaceful demonstrations, hopefully it will happen.

"But nobody can say what will happen."

(Davar Iran Ardalan is supervising senior producer of Weekend Edition. Earlier today, she posted about an interview she did with a professor in Tehran. Yesterday, she posted about e-mails she had received from a contact in Tehran and a conversation she had with Iranian human rights lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani.)