NPR logo Thatcher Breaks An Arm; 'Bush 41' Set To Jump Again


Thatcher Breaks An Arm; 'Bush 41' Set To Jump Again

Two world leaders from the recent past are back in the news today.

— In the U.K., former prime minister Margaret Thatcher is in a London hospital after breaking an arm in a fall. The BBC says the 83-year-old Thatcher is reportedly doing well. (None of the news reports we've scanned this morning tell us which arm she broke.)

— On this side of the Atlantic, former president George H. W. Bush is hoping to avoid any such injuries today. If the weather in Maine cooperates, he'll mark his 85th birthday with another parachute jump. He'll be assisted by the U.S. Army Parachute Team, the "Golden Knights."

Bush most recently jumped in November 2007. During World War II, he parachuted from his Navy plane after it was shot down over the Pacific.

If rain prevents a jump today, Bush is scheduled to try again tomorrow.