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Bear Enters Wrong Den Which Proves Fatal

Everett Skinner from a screen shot of a video on The Daily Courier (Grants Pass, Ore.) website. The Daily Courier hide caption

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The Daily Courier

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. Everett Skinner in Grants Pass, Ore. is in the former category.

Skinner actually didn't eat the large black bear that entered his house through an open window over the weekend and didn't seem inclined to leave even after Skinner confronted him in his den. That would be Skinner's den, not the bear's. Skinner only shotgunned it to death.

As the Associated Press reported:

The bear ripped off a window screen and climbed into their den Saturday night, Skinner said.

Skinner's daughter Nicole awoke at about 11:30 p.m. to a strange shuffling sound and was the first to spot the bruin. She quickly retreated to her parents' room to get help.

Everett Skinner grabbed his shotgun and went to the den, where he and the bear saw each other at about the same time. He said the animal stood up and headed toward him, so he fired.

"It didn't even faze him," Skinner said. In all, he fired his shotgun four times, killing the animal.

Grants Pass' local newspaper, The Daily Courier, has a video that feels like it's a minute too long of Skinner explaining how he bagged the big one. (Warning: it features a grisly photo of the bear looking exactly how you'd expect a shot-gunned bear to look.)

Meanwhile, The Daily Courier reports on its front page that Grants Pass is getting two more policemen courtesy of a Justice Department grant. And it sounds like they're coming not a moment too soon.