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Will The 'Moons' Rise Tomorrow In Laguna Niguel?

Morning Edition took a crack (sorry) at this story in April. Today it was The Wall Street Journal that got to the bottom (sorry again) of the news:

"A Mooning Festival Is Something The Mayor Just Can't Get Behind."

As the Journal explains, the city leaders in Laguna Niguel, Calif., are trying to prevent — or at least curtail — tomorrow's 30th annual "Moon Over Amtrak" It's an event that began with something of a bar bet and has grown to where it drew nearly 10,000 people last year.

And just what do folks do?

Well, they apparently drink a fair number of adult beverages and then whenever an Amtrak train passes by on the tracks near the Mugs Away Saloon they "drop trou".

The city and local sheriff's department, though, are advising would-be mooners to behave themselves.

"The Sheriff's Department will be enforcing applicable laws and ordinances to ensure our residents and the general public remain safe", Lieutenant Andy Ferguson, chief of Police Services for the City of Laguna Niguel, says in a statement.

According to KTLA-TV, fans of the annual event are refusing "to turn the other cheek":