NPR logo A True 'Lord Of The Ring': NZ Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring On Harbor Bottom

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A True 'Lord Of The Ring': NZ Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring On Harbor Bottom

Now all us other husbands have to live up to this:

"A New Zealand man has been dubbed the Lord of the Ring after he searched and found his wedding ring more than a year after it slipped off his finger and sank to the sea floor," Reuters writes.

As New Zealand's Dominion Post reports, Aleki Taumoepeau was on a boat in Wellington Harbor in March 2008 when his wedding ring slipped from his finger and sank to the bottom, about 10 feet down.

He marked the spot with an old anchor and promised his wife Rachel that one day he would get it back. On a dive last year, he failed. His GPS coordinates weren't correct.

But, Taumoepeau told the Post, he came back a few weeks ago with better coordinates and dove again. The newspaper writes that:

After an hour, he stopped to catch his breath and, while doing so, asked for some divine intervention.

"I was getting cold and tired so I said to God it would be really good to find the ring about now."

He then looked down, spied the anchor and just centimeters away from it the ring.

Says Rachel: "I couldn't believe it. It was the power of prayer."

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