NPR logo Another Seventy-Something Gets Tased By Cops


Another Seventy-Something Gets Tased By Cops

Septuagenarians be warned. Just because you've reached the advanced age of three score and ten, and then some, doesn't mean the police won't Taser you.

That truth has been once again borne out, this time in Wyoming.

According to, the online face of the Casper Star-Tribune, police in the town of Glenrock, Wyo. Tased a 76-year old man who had been driving an antique tractor during a parade.

The man failed to obey police directions to the point where the police felt they had no choice but to Taser him.

This latest Tasering follows, of course, the police Tasering in May of a 72-year old Texas woman which was captured on by a dashboard camera in the police cruiser.

Some will no doubt accuse the police of acting stupidly in Tasering uncooperative 70-somethings. We're sure one of them won't be President Barack Obama, at least not publicly.