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Michael Jackson's Doc Tells Friends By Video 'Don't Worry'

Pop superstar Michael Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has issued a videotape message to his friends to explain why he hasn' t responded to their e-mails and phone calls. He's afraid to.

The doctor, reportedly under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for Jackson's death, has been largely silent. He didn't mention the probe in the video directly though he seemed to allude to it in the following comment:

"Because of all that is going on, I'm afraid to return phone calls or use my email."

He also said the encouraging messages of friends and patients have sustained him, and that he would be all right because of his faith in God. He also said he had told the truth.

"I have done all I could do. I told the truth. And I have faith that truth will prevail."

Murray was at Jackson's side before paramedics arrived on June 25 at the Los Angeles house the performer was renting after a 911 call was made because the singer had stopped breathing. Murray had performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation to no avail.

Following Jackson's death, there were reports that his body contained signs of recent injections. And there's been numerous reports that Jackson was known to take the powerful sedative propofol which is normally administered intravenously in hospital settings to put patients under for surgery.

Propofol is abused however because of a mild euphoria it can induce. And police are amassing evidence that Murray purchased the drug.