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Milwaukee Mayor's Alleged Attacker Faces 40 Yrs-Plus In Prison

The 20-year old who allegedly viciously attacked Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was charged with first degree reckless endangerment and the use of a dangerous weapon — a tire iron — among other charges, which altogether could yield maximum prison time of more than 40 years.

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AP Photo/Milwaukee County Jail

The criminal complaint indicates that Anthony Peters told police he "freaked out" when he beat the 55-year old mayor for interceding in a domestic dispute taking place on a street between Peters and his daughter's grandmother.

The complaint describes a fairly savage beating allegedly administered by Peters with the tire iron after Barrett attempted to place a 911 call. According to what members of Barrett's family told police, Peters allegedly rushed the mayor, grabbing the cellphone and immediately punched the mayor in the face.

After the mayor punched Peters in defense, Peters allegedly pulled a tire iron out from under his shirt and began beating the mayor. The beating resulted in some of the mayor's teeth being knocked out and chipped, wounds on his face and back of his head, and an "open fracture" in his right hand, meaning bone protruded through the skin.