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Mother Tasered In Front Of Children Files Lawsuit

Another troubling Tasering story makes the national news. Today, a mother who was Tasered in front of her 15 and five year old children who watched in horror from the family's van filed a lawsuit against the Onandaga County Sheriff's Department in New York State.

Harmon was on the Today Show with her lawyer Terrance Hoffman. Hoffman indicated one reason for the lawsuit is to bring to light the misuse of Tasers by police and to get officers to use them more judiciously.

Harmon said she believes the officer, Sean Andrews, stopped her because he thought she was using a cellphone without a hands-free device which is illegal in New York State. But it turned out she wasn't using a cell phone. He accused her of speeding. But she challenged him on that.

She also admitted that she got out of her car without the officer asking her to then got back in before he cleared her to do that. The police car's dash cam video shows their interaction.

It's perhaps meaningful that the prosecutor declined to file charges and that the officer was removed from road patrol duty.

From the video, Harmon didn't appear to threaten Andrews so it's hard to understand why exactly the need for her Tasering. Unless challenging a police officer who accuses you of speeding is now a Taserable offense.