NPR logo Obama Quickly Losing Public On Health Care Reform

Obama Quickly Losing Public On Health Care Reform

Public disapproval for President Barack Obama's handling of the health-care issue has nearly almost doubled since the spring, with a new AP-Gfk poll indicating that 52 percent of Americans don't like how he has managed it.

The poll of 1,001 respondents was taken between Sept. 3 and Sept. 8, the eve of the president's scheduled health-care speech Wednesday to a joint session of Congress.

Approval fell to 42 percent in the recent polling compared with 53 percent in April.

The poll demonstrates how difficult a task Obama has ahead of him as he tries to win many Americans back to his side on overhauling health care.

The president's problem is that while he is using his bully pulpit to try and win back public support, his opponents and those opposed to a health-care overhaul for fear it will harm their interests will be just as active in continuing to drive up public disapproval for any Obama endorsed plan.