Wilson: 'I Will Not Be Muzzled' : The Two-Way Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., asks supporters to send him money so he can keep speaking out.
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Wilson: 'I Will Not Be Muzzled'

Rep. Joe "you lie!" Wilson, R-S.C., concedes he was wrong to shout at President Barack Obama during the president's address to Congress Wednesday night. But in a new video appeal to supporters, the congressman says he will not keep quiet about what he says is the president's "risky" health care plan — and he asks for money:

One thing that's likely on Wilson's mind: In about 24 hours after the outburst, his Democratic opponent in 2010 raised more than $450,000.

It's worth keeping in mind that, as the NPR Health Blog wrote yesterday, analysts say Wilson is wrong when he charges that the health care overhaul proposals favored by "liberals" would "give health care to illegals."

Sticking with the Palmetto State and its Republican politicians for a moment, Politico asks this question: "What's The Matter With South Carolina?"

As WFAE reports, Gov. Mark Sanford yesterday saw his own state Republican Party call for his resignation. The governor has had to admit in recent months that he carried on a long-distance affair with a woman in Argentina, and has faced questions over his use of state planes for private purposes.