NPR logo Michelle Obama, First Lady (Of Hula Hoops)

Michelle Obama, First Lady (Of Hula Hoops)

First Lady Michelle Obama didn't bare her famous arms Wednesday at a White House physical fitness and health event.

But she did demonstrate a certain flair with the Hula Hoop, gyrating so long it was clear she had a certain expertise in that area.

For all her ability with the Hula Hoop, her timing appeared to fail her when it came to jumping double dutch. I'm not throwing any stones; I can't double dutch either. Then again, in New York City when I was growing up, boys didn't double-dutch. She even had problems with a single rope.

The 45-year old first lady had nothing to be ashamed about, however. She knocked out the agility ladder drill like a running back prospect at a football combine, finishing an obstacle course that took her up a slightly uphill on the White House South Lawn.

All in all, a pretty respectable performance. If ABC should once again revive its celebrity sports challenge The Superstars, they might want to check to see if Mrs. Obama's available.