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Hasan's Attorney Seeks Fair Trial; Is Veteran Military Judge, Prosecutor

The retired Army colonel who is the attorney for the suspect in the Fort Hood killings may be familiar to many.

John Galligan, as The Washington Post writes, "defended an Army military policeman charged in the 2002 maiming death of a taxi driver who had been detained in Afghanistan. The jury in that case did not send the defendant to prison; he was honorably discharged. The case was the centerpiece of the 2007 documentary Taxi to the Dark Side, in which Galligan appears and which won an Oscar."

The Austin American-Statesman reports this morning that Galligan says he's gotten some support from other defense lawyers, who agree that the rights of the suspect, Maj. Nidal Hasan, need protection. But, the newspaper says, "others questioned how he could have accepted a case involving the man accused of the deadly attack on a U.S. military post."

Galligan's view? The American-Statesman says that:

As a defense lawyer, Galligan said he has a standard answer for similar questions when he represents suspected rapists and child molesters. He said it applies to Hasan as well. "My goal is to ensure that the defendant receives a fair trial," Galligan said.

In his 30-year Army career, Galligan was at times a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney.

On CBS-TV's The Early Show yesterday, Galligan said it will be difficult for Hasan to get a fair trial if it is held at Fort Hood:

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