NPR logo Oops, Boehner's Office Mistakenly Turns Rep. Issa Into A Democrat


Oops, Boehner's Office Mistakenly Turns Rep. Issa Into A Democrat

This press release from House GOP Leader John Boehner's office just got our attention:

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today joined House Oversight & Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (D-CA) in sending a letter to Vice President Joe Biden, asking him to stop using the fictitious and unverifiable metric of jobs "saved or created" when discussing the results of Washington Democrats' $787-billion "stimulus."

It was the "(D-CA)" after Issa's name that got us going. Could a Democrat really have crossed party lines to go up against the White House?

Not being familiar with the party affiliation of all 435 members of the House, we double-checked on Issa, who we were pretty sure was a Republican.

He certainly is.

As we've learned many times over, everybody needs a copy editor. We've called Boehner's office to tell them of the typo.

As for the topic of the press release, the letter from Boehner and Issa is online here.

Their main complaint, the press release says, is that Democrats are:

"Attempting to disguise the fact that the 'stimulus' isn't working by releasing a stream of questionable — or outright inaccurate — statistics, including the number of jobs 'saved or created' — a metric the Obama Administration seems to have made up out of thin air. It's time to bring facts back to this debate, and a good first step would be for Vice President Biden to stop citing these fictitious figures."

Here, by the way, is the firmly committed Republican Issa last week making the case that the "saved or created" phrase is misleading: