NPR logo CIA: Agency Not Now Using Blackwater To Conduct Raids


CIA: Agency Not Now Using Blackwater To Conduct Raids

Earlier I asked the question if the Central Intelligence Agency is still using Blackwater, now known as Xe Services LLC, to conduct raids and other special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as the New York Times reported the agency did during the Bush Administration. The CIA says the answer is no.

A Blackwater spokesman told NPR:

"CIA does not use Blackwater to perform our core missions of collecting intelligence, performing analysis, or conducting covert operations."

"Earlier this year, Director Panetta ordered the end of one Blackwater contract and the transition of those activities to government personnel. In addition, he ordered a review of all Blackwater contracts."

"At this time, Blackwater is not involved in any CIA operations in other than a security or support role."

NPR has confirmed that contract cancelled under Panetta was for Blackwater employees to load missiles onto the Predator drones.