NPR logo Mom Calls Cops On Her Shoplifting 6-Year Old


Mom Calls Cops On Her Shoplifting 6-Year Old

Talk about tough love and zero tolerance. A mother in Ohio had the police called after realizing that her six-year old daughter shoplifted stickers.

The Associated Press reports:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio woman is defending her decision to call police after she discovered her 6-year-old daughter had shoplifted a package of stickers.

Diane Lyons of the village of Carrollton in eastern Ohio says she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson early in life.

The 31-year-old Lyons was shopping at a drugstore Dec. 15 when another daughter told her that 6-year-old Shiane (SHY'-ann) had taken the temporary-tattoo stickers.

Lyons asked a drugstore employee to call Carrollton police. A police report says Chief Ronald Yeager took the girl to the police station, where she was released to her mother.

Lyons says she thought briefly about claiming a $25 reward for identifying shoplifters but decided not to.

I'm no child psychologist but I am a parent which makes me as much an expert in these matters as anyone else.

It seems like a stern talking to and a time-out would have sufficed and that this was a case of overkill if ever there were one. Terrifying a six-year old by having a cop haul her off to a police station doesn't do much for building the parent-child relationship.

My mother, God rest her soul, once caught me shoplifting candy when I was about Shiane's age. The way she told the story, she shot me The Look. It was the look that suggested that if I valued my well-being, I should quickly put the candy back which I did. Whatever happened to parents just shooting The Look at their misbehaving children?

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