NPR logo Obama 'Burst' Into Meeting Of Chinese, Indian, Brazil Leaders: NYT

Obama 'Burst' Into Meeting Of Chinese, Indian, Brazil Leaders: NYT

President Barack Obama reportedly dropped into a secret meeting held by the leaders of China, India and Brazil because he didn't want them negotiating behind his back. Susan Walsh/AP Photo hide caption

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Susan Walsh/AP Photo

President Barack Obama is known for his preternatural cool. He's also known for being very deferential to foreign leaders, sometimes too much so.

But even he evidently has his limits.

The New York Times reports that Obama did some of what used to be called bum-rushing today.

The deal came after a dramatic moment in which Mr. Obama burst into a meeting of the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian leaders, according to senior administration officials. Chinese protocol officers protested, and Mr. Obama said he did not want them negotiating in secret.

The intrusion led to new talks that cemented key terms of the deal, American officials said.

Sergio Serra, Brazil's senior climate negotiator here, confirmed that Mr. Obama had "joined" a meeting of Brazilian, Indian, Chinese and other officials, although he did not say that Mr. Obama walked in uninvited.