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Rate The Decade: 1 (Terrible) To 10 (Fantastic)

This decade that's about to (some say thankfully) come to an end will be remembered for many things:

— The 9/11 attacks.
— Google.
— Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
— President George W. Bush.
— President Barack Obama.

— A bubble and bust economy.
— The iPod.
— The iPhone.
— The BlackBerry.
— Katrina.

American Idol.
— Climate change.
— Facebook.
— YouTube.
— Hanging chads.

Every news media outlet has its versions of end-of-decade stories, NPR included. The Washington Post's Joel Achenbach, a sharp observer of such things, calls it "The Decade We Didn't See Coming" because it "began so swimmingly" — before "the real world" interfered.

Let's rate the "aughts". Perhaps it was a good 10 years for you (a birth? a wedding? a promotion?); but maybe the decade's other news has you down:

We'll keep this unscientific question open until a minute before midnight on New Year's Eve.

And feel free to use the comments thread to share your thoughts and memories about the past 10 years.



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