Palin Dismisses Stories About Her; Yemen Claims Death Of Local Al-Qaida Leader : The Two-Way Yemen claims to have killed local al-Qaida leader. Palin says stories about her are "B.S." Obama administration claims its stimulus saved or created up to 2 million jobs last year.
NPR logo Palin Dismisses Stories About Her; Yemen Claims Death Of Local Al-Qaida Leader

Palin Dismisses Stories About Her; Yemen Claims Death Of Local Al-Qaida Leader

As the day dawns we all wait anxiously to see how terrible things are in Haiti, where a magnitude 7 earthquake that hit late yesterday afternoon is thought to have destroyed much of Port-Au-Prince. We updated the story earlier and will be following the news from Haiti all day, so keep checking back.

As for other stories making headlines, they include:

— — Yemen Claims To Have Killed Local Al-Qaida Leader: "The leader of an al-Qaida cell in Yemen has been killed in clashes with security forces, the Yemeni government said Wednesday. Abdullah al-Mehdarhad, whose name is also spelled as al-Mihdar, led a cell in the Habban region of Yemen's Shabwa province, according to, the Web site for the Yemeni military."

— Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor — Palin Says Claims In Book Are "Bunch Of B.S.": New Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, called reports in a new book that claim she didn't know key facts about world host spots is a "bunch of B.S." and "crap."

Morning Edition — Panel Seeks "Accountability" In Financial Crisis: As NPR's John Ydstie reported, "top executives from four of the biggest banks that got federal bailouts are likely to face tough questions Wednesday from a commission charged by Congress to do the most thorough investigation yet into the causes of the financial crisis."

The Wall Street Journal — "Bernanke Challenged On Rates' Role In Bust": "Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says low interest rates engineered by the Fed in the early 2000s aren't to blame for the housing boom and bust. But he hasn't convinced fellow economists. Two surveys conducted by The Wall Street Journal this week found many economists believe low rates did contribute to the bubble."

Los Angeles Times — Adminstration Claims 1.5M To 2M Jobs Saved Or Created: "The Obama administration, offering evidence that its much-maligned efforts to spur economic recovery have begun to take hold, said Tuesday that the $787-billion stimulus program saved or created 1.5 million to 2 million jobs last year. These latest figures from the White House Council of Economic Advisors are certain to be challenged by Republicans, but the employment and economic effects of the stimulus cited in the report are generally in line with estimates from some leading private economists as well as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office."