NPR logo In Haiti, A Different Kind Of Health-Care Inflation

In Haiti, A Different Kind Of Health-Care Inflation

The organization Doctors Without Borders has airlifted and finally set up an inflatable hospital into Haiti to provide needed surgeries and other care to those injured in last week's earthquake.

The humanitarian group had considerable trouble initially getting the hospital and its attendant supplies into Haiti since the Port-au-Prince airport, with its one runway, was creating something of a bottleneck for aid groups. Some aid groups also accused the U.S. military of favoring its flights over those of humanitarian groups which the military denied.

In any event, the hospital finally arrived and, as you can see, has been set up. It's actually a series of nine tents which can handle 100 beds.

The process is a lot like setting up an inflatable slip-and-slide or bounce house for a children's party only on a much larger scale, obviously. has an interview with two Doctors Without Borders logistics people explaining what went into getting the hospital up and going. Interesting stuff.