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Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake In Venezuela Rattles Nerves

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A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck near the Caribbean coastal town of Carupano, Venezuela, rattling nerves as well as structures, coming as the world is focused on the destruction caused by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. (Carupano is 813 miles from Port-au-Prince.)

The earthquake occurred at about 1 pm ET according to the U.S. Geological Survey and it was about 25 miles southwest of Carupano. It happened fairly close to the surface, at about 7.3 miles below ground.

A snippet from the Associated Press:

"Everyone felt it. People are very alarmed," a resident of Puerto La Cruz, Maria de los Angeles Rondon, told Reuters by telephone.

Radio reports said the tremor was felt in a wide area stretching to the Caribbean island of Margarita, a popular holiday destination for European tourists.