Sex Sells: 'Daily Caller' Debuts : The Two-Way Daily Caller, a new website from Tucker Carlson, debuts.
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There's an old, very sexist saying in newspaper offices that to sell copies you need — and I'm using a politically correct version — "breasts above the fold."

The folks at The Daily Caller, which launched today, seem to have taken that expression to heart.

Their first lead story is a bit of a bio on Carlos Allen, the so-called "third gate-crasher" at the November State Dinner for India's prime minister. And to draw readers in, Daily Caller is using a photo of Allen that certainly would warm the heart of old, male, city editors.

The website, as The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz writes, is a project of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson and former Dick Cheney aide Neil Patel and got $3 million in funding from "Wyoming financier Foster Friess, a big-time GOP donor."

But, says Kurtz, "Carlson insists this won't be a right-wing site: 'I don't feel guilty about or ashamed in any way of saying we'll cover the people in power,' he says, dismissing the capital's Republicans as 'totally powerless.' "