NPR logo Obama Pledges 'Aggressive Effort' To Save Lives In Haiti


Obama Pledges 'Aggressive Effort' To Save Lives In Haiti

The White House is streaming President Barack Obama's remarks about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and has made a embed code available so that websites can stream it as well.

Update at 10:25 a.m. ET: The president just finished, so we're removing the live feed and adding some highlights from his comments:

— The "reports and images we've seen," Obama said, "are heart-wrenching."

— He has directed his top aides to put together a "swift ... aggressive effort to save lives."

— U.S. search and rescue teams are on the way, as are civilian assistance officials. The U.S. will "deliver humanitarian relief — food, water and medicine."

— He's told federal agencies to be "as forward-leaning as possible."

— While times are tough in the U.S., "just a few hundred miles of ocean" separate the U.S. and Haiti, and "we have to be there for them in their hour of need."

— He encourages Americans looking for ways to help to go to for information.

If you're looking for information on aid organizations that work in Haiti and ways to contribute to their efforts, we've started a list here.

Our coverage of the disaster began here yesterday, and will continue throughout today.'s coverage begins here.