NPR logo Accused Christmas Day Bomber Talking Again To Law Enforcement


Accused Christmas Day Bomber Talking Again To Law Enforcement

Accused Christmas Day plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab is apparently once again providing information to federal law enforcement officials.

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U.S. Marshal's Service/AP Photo

The 23-year old Nigerian, who was arrested after allegedly trying to detonate a bomb hidden in his underpants on a Northwest Airlines flight on its approach to Detroit from Amsterdam, had stopped talking to law-enforcement officials and lawyered up.

This has led Republicans to criticize the Obama Administration for placing Abdulmuttalab in the criminal-justice system instead of putting him on course for a military tribunal. Placing him in military hands would have presumably allowed interrogators to continue questioning the Nigerian until they had wrung every shred of useful information that remained in his head, according to Obama's critics.

Tuesday's news that he's talking once again should take some of the pressure off President Barack Obama on this front.

Reuters reports:

"Abdulmutallab is talking and has been talking since last week providing useful, actionable and current intelligence that we've been actively following up on," the official said. He declined further comment because the investigation is ongoing.