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Chinese Olympic Gymnast Was Too Young In 2000

The International Gymnastic Federation says at least one Chinese gymnast on the 2000 Olympic team was too young to legally compete, and it's recommending Dong Fangxiao's bronze medal be yanked. An investigation shows Dong was 14 during the 2000 games; an Olympic competitor must be 16. In a related investigation of the 2000 team, the Federation couldn't determine how old her teammate Yang Yun really is, so she got a warning. The Federation has sent its findings to the International Olympic Committee which will make the final ruling.

Here's something to point out: this is not the same gymnast who drew similar scrutiny in 2008. Questions were raised during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing about He Kexin, who may have been 14, although Chinese officials insist she was 16 and legally able to compete.