NPR logo Goldman Sach's Lloyd Blankfein Gets $9 Mill Non Cash Bonus


Goldman Sach's Lloyd Blankfein Gets $9 Mill Non Cash Bonus

Goldman Sachs, the powerhouse Wall Street investment banking giant, has awarded Lloyd Blankfein, its CEO, a 2009 non-cash bonus of $9 million, according to a company filing with the SEC. Other top Goldman officials also received similar non-cash amounts.

The 2009 award was substantially more than Blankfein received in 2008, which was zero. But it was a lot less than the $67 million in bonus he was paid in 2007.

Earlier, I reported that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, was awarded a non-cash bonus of about $17 million.

The size of Blankfein's bonus was being closely watched on Wall Street and beyond.

That his multi-million dollar bonus is in the single digits is meant to be a strong message to President Barack Obama and Congress, and Americans as a whole, that Blankfein and his team are acutely aware of the anger over Wall Street pay and hope to tamp it down.

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