NPR logo Kyodo: Prius Recall Announcement As Soon As Tuesday


Kyodo: Prius Recall Announcement As Soon As Tuesday

Japan's Kyodo News service adds this to the developing story of problems with the brakes on some models of the 2010 Toyota Prius:

Toyota Motor Corp. is set to file recalls over brake problems with its latest Prius hybrid in both the United States and Japan, in a move that will affect more than 270,000 vehicles, sources familiar with the matter said Monday.

The Japanese automaker plans to report the recall to the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry as early as Tuesday and promptly file similar proceedings in the United States, the sources said.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that it's been told by "a person briefed on the decision" that Toyota this week will "recall at least 311,000 of its 2010 Prius hybrid models after receiving a flurry of complaints about the vehicle's brakes."

Some drivers have reported that on bumpy surfaces the brakes can feel as if they aren't working. The company says new software should fix the problem.

As the Associated Press reminds us:

Toyota has already had to recall more than 7 million other cars in the U.S., Europe and China over a sticky accelerator and floor mats that can get caught in the gas pedal. Those problems and criticism of Toyota's response to them have sullied the stellar reputation for quality long enjoyed by one of Japan's corporate icons.

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