Actor Corey Haim Found Dead : The Two-Way Actor Corey Haim is dead at the age of 38.
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Actor Corey Haim Found Dead

"Actor Corey Haim has died at the age of 38," KTLA-TV is reporting.

It says the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed the news and that according to LAPD's North Hollywood Division, Haim's death was due to "an apparent accidental overdose." He was found at his apartment near Burbank.

Among his movies: The Lost Boys.

Haim and actor/fellow heartthrob Corey Feldman, of course, were "the two Coreys."

Update at 12:15 p.m. ET: Our blogging colleague Linda Holmes at Monkey See says Haim's best performance was in the movie Lucas.

Update at 10:10 a.m. ET. The Los Angeles Times adds that Haim:

"Struggled with drug problems, but in recent years had attempted a comeback, starring in an A&E reality show called The Two Coreys with longtime friend and costar Corey Feldman.

"Times TV critic Robert Lloyd described the show this way: 'The premise seems to be this: Corey [Feldman] and his wife, Susie, have welcomed Corey [Haim] into their home in order to make a television show about, um, welcoming Corey Haim into their home.' "

The Two Coreys website, which features some episodes, is here.