NPR logo Deadly Waves That Hit Cruise Ship Caught On Video

Deadly Waves That Hit Cruise Ship Caught On Video

We reported Wednesday on the huge waves that killed two passengers aboard the Louis Majesty cruise ship off the coast of Marseilles, France. Twelve people were injured.

Amateur video of one of the waves crashing into and breaking the windows in what appears to be a lounge or restaurant area of the ship is now online and it's pretty dramatic.

At about the 0:26 mark, you can hear a high frequency sound that sounds like a vibration of some kind and then the wave crashes, causing justifiable panic among the passengers and crew.

Later you see passengers and crew walking through flooded passageways and crew members using trash cans to catch ocean water dripping from a ceiling.

AP also has a video report with interviews of passengers who say the ship was hit by three 33 foot high waves and that sea water invaded cabins.