NPR logo Man Arrested For Alleged Threats Against Rep. Eric Cantor

Man Arrested For Alleged Threats Against Rep. Eric Cantor

Updated at 5:17 pm ET — Videos of Norman Leboon, the man arrested by the FBI for threatening the life of Rep. Eric Cantor and his family, are still available on YouTube.

In the videos, Leboon speaks coherently and deliberately and identified himself as the messiah. In one video, he says all YouTube employees will lose their first-born sons because they removed his videos from the Internet site.

In another he tells all his "gay and lesbian children" serving in the world's militaries to leave their posts because he intends to destroy all the militaries to punish the the world's leaders for ignoring him.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have arrested a man for making threats against Rep. Eric Cantor, the Virginia Republican who last week reported that a bullet was shot through a window of his district office.

Norman Leboon, 33, was charged with two counts related to alleged threats to kill Cantor and his family according to an affidavit.

According to the federal charges, Leboon is clearly seen in a video that was posted but since removed from YouTube threatening the congressman.

On March 26, 2010, the FBI, San Francisco Division, received a
copy of a video that had been removed from the internet website YouTube. The video
included images of a white male, later identified as NORMAN LEBOON, making threats
against United States Congressman Eric Cantor, 7 Congressional D th istrict - Virginia.
The video appeared to be homemade and was of good quality. The face of the white
male can clearly be seen.

And the profanity laced message was an unambiguous threat.

The FBI made emergency disclosure requests to both Google, which owns YouTube, and Verizon which was identified as the provider of Internet service to the suspect IP address.

An FBI agent then found that the actual physical street address linked to the IP address was associated with Leboon. The agent learned that a warrant had earlier been issued for Leboon for making terroristic threats and obtained a photo of Leboon which confirmed he was the same person in the video, according to the affidavit. The affidavit adds that Leboon waived his Miranda rights and made a statement admitting he had produced the video.

Leboon made further statements that will certainly raise questions about his mental status:

(b) LEBOON stated that he had created the above-described
video approximately three days before and submitted it to YouTube via the internet for
posting. LEBOON created the video at his residence using the video camera on his
cellular telephone. LEBOON then used his home computer to upload the video to
YouTube. LEBOON stated he had made over 2,000 videos in which he made threats.

(c) LEBOON further stated that he is the "son of the god of
Enoch" and that his father speaks through him. LEBOON stated that Eric Cantor is
"pure evil"; will be dead; and that Cantor's family is suffering because of his father's