NPR logo GOP Looks For Political Gain From Massa Saga


GOP Looks For Political Gain From Massa Saga

"After a week of lying low and watching House Democrats struggle with the Eric Massa sex scandal and resignation, GOP leaders are now weighing their options on how best to exploit the controversy," Politico writes.

One possible course of action: "A call for a formal investigation into the handling of sexual harassment allegations against Massa by at least one member of his staff."

The New York Democrat's explanations and accusations, however, make for some complicated calculations as Republicans consider how to take on this issue. His appearance last night on Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck Show, in particular, has made things tricky.

Going into the Beck engagement, Republicans thought he might expand on his claim that fellow Democrats, including some in the White House, had forced him out of office because he wouldn't toe the party line on health care. Instead, as The Washington Post's Dana Milbank writes, what Massa came out with was "an icky new confession" about groping a male staffer and a story about "orgy" (Massa's word) -like antics during his days in the Navy.

Beck eventually cried uncle.

"America, I've got to shoot straight with you," he said toward the end of the show. "I think I've wasted your time. I think this is the first time I have wasted an hour of your time, and I apologize for that."

As Milbank says, "Massa's dalliance with the right was to be a one-night stand."

So, we wonder: