NPR logo Hand-Shaking Bush In Haiti Wipes Mitt On Clinton's Shirt


Hand-Shaking Bush In Haiti Wipes Mitt On Clinton's Shirt

A video moment of former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton's visit to Haiti has drawn attention since it appears to show Bush wiping his hand on his White House predecessor's shirt after shaking hands with Haitians.

It comes at 51 seconds into the video. If that what the 43rd president was doing, it was a very subtle move.

If that's what he did, it's also understandable. The presidents visited a camp where people displaced by the earthquake are living in tents and staying clean isn't easy.

Even in the U.S. when they're shaking hands with audience members with a lot easier access to soap and running water than the displaced Haitians now have, presidents are never far away from aides with hand sanitizer.

Obviously, Bush and Clinton couldn't pull out bottles of sanitizer right there and then. So Bush may have had to improvise. And as an inveterate glad hander himself, it was the kind of move that Clinton would've no doubt understood.

Not surprisingly, the video has been popular on liberal websites like .