Immigration Debate Reheats; Tax Refunds Go Up; Tiger Woods Talks : The Two-Way Thousands demonstration for immigration reform. Tax refunds go up. Tiger Woods talks.
NPR logo Immigration Debate Reheats; Tax Refunds Go Up; Tiger Woods Talks

Immigration Debate Reheats; Tax Refunds Go Up; Tiger Woods Talks

There's more than enough to read, watch and listen to about Sunday's health care vote in the House, as we noted earlier.

As for other stories making headlines, they include:

Morning Edition and The Associated Press — "Thousands Clamor For Immigration Changes". "Frustrated with the lack of action to overhaul the country's immigration system, thousands of demonstrators rallied on the National Mall and marched through the streets of the capital Sunday, waving American flags and holding homemade signs in English and Spanish. Supporters traveled from around the country in hopes the rally would re-energize Congress to take up the volatile issue. Some lawmakers oppose any attempt to help an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens while others insist on stronger border controls first." NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports:

From a related story by the Los Angeles Times: "Organizers and supporters of the 'March for America' campaign — who demonstrated as House members cast a historic vote on health care — want to make an immigration overhaul the next big undertaking in Washington."

— USA TODAY — "Average Income Tax Refund Jumps By 10% To $3,036": "The average income tax refund is up nearly 10% from a year ago, reflecting tax credits included in last year's economic stimulus package, according to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman. Vice President Biden is expected to announce the increase Monday as part of a month-long effort to promote tax benefits available through the Recovery Act of 2009. Through March 12, the average tax refund was a record $3,036, up $266 from the same period a year earlier, Shulman said in a statement."

— InForum — "Height Of Relief: Red River Tops Out At 36.99 Feet In Fargo-Moorhead": "The Red River crested on Sunday — a quiet, uneventful ending to a week-long flood fight in the Red River Valley. The National Weather Service measured the river's peak at 36.99 feet, giving Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker the right to say 'I'm right' on Sunday. 'I said it'd come under 37 (feet),' he said at a meeting that included Fargo officials, Gov. John Hoeven and U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D. 'Is that luck or what?' "

— ESPN — Tiger Woods Concedes, "I've Done Some Pretty Bad Things". "Tiger Woods took questions from reporters for the first time in four months Sunday, saying 'I've done some pretty bad things in my life' and that he doesn't know what kind of reception he'll get when he returns to competitive golf at the Masters. 'I'm a little nervous about that to be honest with you,' Woods told ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, who asked him what he expects when he returns to golf on April 8 following an auto accident which led to an indefinite leave from professional golf and an admission of multiple affairs. 'It would be nice to hear a couple claps here and there' ":