NPR logo No-Viagra-For-Sex-Offenders Among Senate GOP Health Amendments

No-Viagra-For-Sex-Offenders Among Senate GOP Health Amendments

Senate Republicans have alerted anyone who will listen that they intend to try and gum up the works to slow their Democratic colleagues' efforts to pass the House bill of legislative fixes to the new landmark health care law.

To do that, they hope to offer any number of amendments crafted in part to make it super hard for some Democrats to vote against.

CBS News' Political Hotsheet blog reports that one amendment Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma intends to offer would ban taxpayer funds from being used to buy Viagra for convicted sex offenders.

As Brian Montopoli writes:

By opposing that amendment, Democrats are, at least in theory, opening themselves up to charges that they support using government money to provide sex offenders with Viagra — surely an unpopular position if ever there was one.

Montopoli's definitely right about that. Imagine the TV ad that could be made from a "no" vote against that. It would probably be enough to give a Democratic incumbent more than a few restless nights.